Kostiantyn Novikov

I’ve always valued intelligence. Not brains, not being clever, but something like… Like Pelevin. He often appears in my life just in time.

Many tell me I could not be military. Could be and have been… For almost 15 years including the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Although I was born in Sevastopol, the ocean has gained in my heart victory over the sea. In the illusory ideal, I would live by the ocean. In reality, I am regularly visiting it. Fantastic energy.

Corgi Pembroke is not my first dog. But Persik is the smartest and the kindest. Not only to me and to the family – but to the whole world. An accidental purchase has opened the world of dog shows and travels for me. Luckily the dog appeared to be championable))

Singularity – amazingly incredible. The exponent of our time is fascinating. I am an absolute fan of progress. When 10 years ago I told somebody we were working in Google docs, nobody understood what I am talking about. Today – looking for new insights.